C++ Programming: Image Blur Code

Another block of code that simulates blurring an image. This reads the position of x and y of a pixel and the surrounding values and applies a simple algorithm to find the average of all values and reapply the new value resulting in a blurry effect.

void blur(int img[][MAX_COL], int h, int w) {

  //for loop to cycle through the image positions
  for ( int x = 0; x < h; x++ ) {
    for ( int y = 0; y < w; y++ ) {
      //formula to calculate the values of the surrounding pixels
      int sum = 2 * ( img[x][y] + //center center
                      img[x-1][y-1] + //top left
                      img[x-1][y] + //top center
                      img[x-1][y+1] + //top right
                      img[x][y-1] + // center left
                      img[x][y+1] + //center right
                      img[x+1][y-1] + //bottom left
                      img[x+1][y] + //bottom center
                      img[x+1][y+1] //bottom right
      // position modifier with the new value
      img[x][y] = sum/14;

If there is a better way to accomplish this, please leave a comment. I am always open to learning new ways to code.

February 2, 2019